Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Welcome to my site.....

I'm Dotty and I started this blog to share some of my thoughts and knitting projects.  I have enjoyed so much visiting on Ralvery that I thought it was only polite to share who I am and what projects I'm working on.  I just discovered knitting podcasts, which have led me to some very helpful ideas and tips that have encouraged me more than ever to knit... knit.... knit!

I'm a rather new knitter, but I already have about 4 projects on my needles and have finished quite a few small items which I plan to post in my project section.  Its rather nice to post up my finished projects, it lets me see exactly what I have accomplished.  And that is a very nice feeling.   I already can see and feel my knitting improving as I keep with it.  

Project One...  Mitered Squares Afghan

I belong to a weekly Knitting Group in my local yarn store which is called
Phebies Needle Art and about 10 of us on Monday nite and 10 of us on Tuesday have been making this blanket and buying and sharing all the colors.
The bunch of colors to the right are a sample of what we are given to work on every 2 weeks.
Here is a close up of the pattern.  I'm felting the ends sometimes...a little bit of the next color mingles in on the next.  Felting the ends is okay, but you just need to really make the connections close and very secure.  The only tip on this pattern is to remember to  pick up your middle purl stitch right at the point of the last middle purl stitch on the last row.  This way all your purl rows will look even and straight.
All in all I'm pretty pleased with how it is coming out.  I'm half way there!