Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Now ..comes the Baby Shower!

Well.....the Baby Shower is upon us!   I wanted to share two websites that have helped me tremendously!  Its from these sites that I got my inspiration to let my creative juices give birth ...(yes....I had to say it! lol) to a Diaper Cake and help design  her Baby invites!   Maybe its said that Moms are not to the give baby showers....but in this case I break etiquette rules. :)   Im giving my beautiful daughter a shower at a Italian restaurant and I wanted to make her a Diaper Cake  as part of the decorations.   This is the youtube video that helped me.How to make a toy themed diaper cake
               After watching it.....the video showed me how to roll up the diapers and make a three layer cake. 

  You can see I used a baby bottle for the middle.  This cake will all be used for the baby  well after the shower.  That is what is so great about a diaper cake.  I then added on the ribbon and placed  rows and rows of folded ribbon in a bow to the back.  This picture does not show enough  ...but it came out so neat in covering up where I taped up the ribbon.   
Here is the finished cake with baby toys and a couple of stuffed animals on it.  As you can daughter loved it!! 
I also wanted to give you a link to a site where I ordered the awesome Baby Shower invites!
Hannah was the BEST!   She is so kind and gives such great customer service.   Here is a picture of our finished invites! 
PS.....I know I didnt mention anything about knitting....well...Im still finishing up the diagonal baby blanket and will show you a picture as soon as its finished!   Oh!!! Oh!!!  I did make a cute dishcloth for a football pool Im in! LOL  I'll post a picture of that time.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Baby Coming.....and Im Knitting like Crazy!

My Daughter Emily 6 mo

 My second daughter is having her first Baby and it will be my 3rd grandson.  Yes...we know he will be a little boy...and his name will be Landon.  She is 6 mo right now as I write this and this is the 4th baby blanket that I have made for her.  She says that I need to make as many blankets that I did for my other what can I say...I need to keep stitching!! lol
The blanket Im showing you here is made from fingering weight yarn, Sensations, Breeze and it was purchased from Joann's.  The yarn has a "Krinkle" in the stran and it is very fine.  Its taking me a very long time to make this due to the fingering weight ...but I do see light!!!   In this diagonal pattern you increase from a cast on of 4 stitiches and then keep increasing to the middle of where you want the blanket size.  Then you start to decrease on each row to finish it.   Im now seeing the end coming!!!  It really got to be one of my dreaded knits.....but now that I can see the finish coming....Im going full speed!  :)
Here is a close up all just knit stitches which makes for good mobile knitting!