Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Now ..comes the Baby Shower!

Well.....the Baby Shower is upon us!   I wanted to share two websites that have helped me tremendously!  Its from these sites that I got my inspiration to let my creative juices give birth ...(yes....I had to say it! lol) to a Diaper Cake and help design  her Baby invites!   Maybe its said that Moms are not to the give baby showers....but in this case I break etiquette rules. :)   Im giving my beautiful daughter a shower at a Italian restaurant and I wanted to make her a Diaper Cake  as part of the decorations.   This is the youtube video that helped me.How to make a toy themed diaper cake
               After watching it.....the video showed me how to roll up the diapers and make a three layer cake. 

  You can see I used a baby bottle for the middle.  This cake will all be used for the baby  well after the shower.  That is what is so great about a diaper cake.  I then added on the ribbon and placed  rows and rows of folded ribbon in a bow to the back.  This picture does not show enough  ...but it came out so neat in covering up where I taped up the ribbon.   
Here is the finished cake with baby toys and a couple of stuffed animals on it.  As you can daughter loved it!! 
I also wanted to give you a link to a site where I ordered the awesome Baby Shower invites!
Hannah was the BEST!   She is so kind and gives such great customer service.   Here is a picture of our finished invites! 
PS.....I know I didnt mention anything about knitting....well...Im still finishing up the diagonal baby blanket and will show you a picture as soon as its finished!   Oh!!! Oh!!!  I did make a cute dishcloth for a football pool Im in! LOL  I'll post a picture of that time.

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