Friday, September 2, 2011

Baby Coming.....and Im Knitting like Crazy!

My Daughter Emily 6 mo

 My second daughter is having her first Baby and it will be my 3rd grandson.  Yes...we know he will be a little boy...and his name will be Landon.  She is 6 mo right now as I write this and this is the 4th baby blanket that I have made for her.  She says that I need to make as many blankets that I did for my other what can I say...I need to keep stitching!! lol
The blanket Im showing you here is made from fingering weight yarn, Sensations, Breeze and it was purchased from Joann's.  The yarn has a "Krinkle" in the stran and it is very fine.  Its taking me a very long time to make this due to the fingering weight ...but I do see light!!!   In this diagonal pattern you increase from a cast on of 4 stitiches and then keep increasing to the middle of where you want the blanket size.  Then you start to decrease on each row to finish it.   Im now seeing the end coming!!!  It really got to be one of my dreaded knits.....but now that I can see the finish coming....Im going full speed!  :)
Here is a close up all just knit stitches which makes for good mobile knitting!


  1. Ahhhhhh Mom you truly are the best!!!! Baby Landon is so lucky to have you as his Grammy!!!! I can't wait till he is carrying that blanket with him everywhere lol
    Love your very appreciative daughter, who loves you so much...

  2. Very nice! I really like the colors. I love the Joanns Sensations line!